Yesterday was a good day! I got all dolled up and went to work to meet the President and get some paperwork filled out.  El Prez was super cool and nice, he really cares about A&M and it was fun getting to hear about his experiences at our school so many years ago.  It was also raining, like really hard when I went to work, something I wasn’t expecting… After that, I came home and continued this workout thing I’m doing.  I consider myself to be in okay shape, but DUDE, this thing has been kicking my butt so far!  I’m so sore and whenever they give me an easy option on one of the circuits, I have to take it.  BUT, all that matters is the working out part, right?!  Thennnn, my best friend came into town to move out of her apartment.  We sort of packed and stuff, we moved really big things like her bookshelf and coffee table to her storage unit with my big car, but I don’t know if we were extremely productive… You see we have this habit of talking about the most random things and once we get started, it’s a while before we stop…  Either way, my life is better and happier when she’s around.  Oh, and it was still raining when we were moving stuff to the storage unit, so that was fun.  After we moved, we came to my house and split an entire pizza.  Yea, we were hungry!  Hmmm, after that, we watched a little bit of hockey (don’t need to talk about that) and then went to go see The Great Gatsby!  It was pretty good, I’m a sucker for any movie with Leo in it, so I may be a bit biased, but overall, it was pretty good.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the book, and they were pretty similar.  The pictures and colors and parties and music were all fantastic!  After that, (it was like midnight at this point) we came back to mi casa (mi casa es mi amiga’s casa ;)) and chillllled.  Now I am awake, I don’t need very much sleep apparently, because I only got a solid 6 hours at best.  Whatevs, I’m going to the Tigers/Rangers game to see Verlander/Darvish con mi padre tonight!! Can’t wait!! Oh, and I want to start a new thing where I post a quote everyday to be motivational and stuff!  Sooo, here goes: “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch, but it’s own wings.  Always believe in yourself!” YAY!


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