Thursday Fun

Ight peeps (aka one peep – HI MOM), Thursday was a really fun day!! I woke up and came home to the ATX.  I ate some queso and then me and my dad left to go to the Tigers/Rangers game!  We stopped at Raising Cane’s in Waco for a weird lunch/supper meal type thing, and then continued on our journey towards Arlington.  Once we got to Arlington, we got in and watched some Tigers BP.  HOLY CRAP can Cabrera and Fielder hit the ball.  They were putting on a show and I am so incredibly thankful that I get to watch 2 of the best hitters in the game every single night.  We also were super close to my favorite ball player and best pitcher in the game, Justin Verlander.  He is something special.  This was the second time I’ve got to see him pitch, and he is something else.  He had a pretty bad outing last night, but you can’t be on everytime.  Anyway, me and my dad went up to our seats behind home plate, but people were constantly moving and getting up!  After like 2 innings, we had enough of that and moved to open seats in left field.  We had room to spread out, and people weren’t as baseball ignorant out there.  The Tigers lost 10-4 in a horribly LONGGGG game, but I still had fun 🙂  After the game, we went to What-A-Burger and got some milkshakes and french fries. The drive home was long, but we eventually got home a little after 2.  There aren’t many better ways to spend a summer night than at the ballpark, even if your team loses.  

Okay, fun quote of the day:  “Everday, ordinary people do extraordinary things.”- JImmy V  MAKE IT A GREAT DAY, happy Friday!


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