On Saturday –

Yesterday was another uneventful day.  I woke up, WATCHED THE RED WINGS BE AWESOME, and just hung out.  Also, I went to Costco. If you leave that store hungry, you’re doing something wrong.  I got so many samples, it was fantastic.  I also watched the Tigers and Harry Potter last night.  If you don’t love Harry Potter, I don’t want to be friends.  He is kind of the most amazing thing in my entire life and defines like my entire childhood.  What else, what else…  Oh, watched Saturday Night Live.  Don’t know why I keep watching, it’s soooo bad.  If only Justin Timberlake would host every week… Also, couldn’t sleep last night because I drank so much sweet tea so I had SOOO much sugar in my system!  While I was trying to fall asleep/pondering all of the life’s deep questions, I was thinking about how wonderful my friends in College Station are.  Just thought I would share that they’re amazing.

Fun quote of the day, from Airplane – “I take it (my coffee) black, like my men.”  BOOOOM kthanksbye

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