So I am back in College Station!! WHOOP to that!  My drive was nice, I listened to a bunch of old music from the glory days of high school.  I went to church this morning, and then to Rudy’s to celebrate my birthday! (which is tomorrow, you better not miss it.  I expect lots of gifts…)  I LOVE RUDY’S!  I opened presents from my parents, and baby bro and ate some totes delish cake.  I skyped with my beautiful best friend for like hours, which is funny because there’s not that much going on in our lives, yet we never run out of things to talk about!  I am watching the Tigers, and this team seriously is the source of most of my anger issues.  HOLY CRAP, THROW STRIKES.  #rantover  buttt anyway, life is good!  I won’t start working tomorrow cuz my background check still hasn’t cleared…  I’m not hiding anything, I promise!!  Sorry, this post is all over the place!  Quote for the day: “Never let your fear decide your fate!”  GO AND DO AWESOME THINGS PEOPLE (or one person – again, HI MOM)  DEUCES ❤


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