The BIG 2-0!

some of the people I'm most thankful for :)

So today was my birthday – thanks for all the presents jerks!  Geeez, after all I have done for you, basically publishing a diary for your amusement.  PFTTT, some friends.  Well, I digress.  I had a wonderful day, did lots of fun things that I wanted to, and MY RED WINGS WON!  WHOOOOOP!!  Okay, instead of telling you all of my deepest darkest secrets from today, I thought I would publish 20 (because I’m 20 now…) things I’m thankful for.  Remembering the good you have in your life always makes you feel better!!  Oh, and I get to start my internship tomorrow, so there will be a long, detailed account of that!  This is a long one, so stick with me if you want to… Okay, in no particular order, here goes:

1. God – I am so thankful for all that He has done and continues to do everyday for me.
2. My faith – This may seem connected to numero uno, and it is, but it’s not the same because my faith is the belief that I have in God and something that grows by HIS grace everyday.
3. Mis padres – My ma and pa do so much for me, and I would not be who I am without them. They do so much for me, and it doesn’t get said enough, but I am sooo thankful for them 🙂
4. My baby brother – I don’t know what I would do without this kid.  He inspires me everyday and I love him so much!!
5. HANNAH – My BFF right hurr.  I’ve never had another friend like this girl in my life, and I’m not quite sure how I made it through the first 18 years of my life without her.    She inspires and teaches me everyday, and makes me a better person in every single aspect of my life!! LOVE YOU GURRL
6. my “inner circle” – okay so everybody has their friends, and then they have their group they’re a bit closer with.  Well, my inner circle are the most amazing and faith-filled people I know.  They challenge me in the best way possible every day, and we have the best time doing nothing.  These are people that I don’t have to talk to everyday, or even every week, but we can just pick up where we left off, and that is something truly wonderful to have in your friends.
7. My friends – most of my favorite people are in the picture I posted up there.  I love them, and BTW, I’m that BOMBSHELL in the white in the back row.  HMU 😉
8. AMERICA – ‘merica!! but fo realz, we are so blessed to live in a country where we have so many freedoms!
9. Football – OMG favorite thing eva!  Besides God, my family, and my friends, football is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.
10.  baking! – This is Hannah’s fault because I never used to bake, but it’s now a really fun way to spend time and money, and it’s always rewarding to make something other people (or your own!) stomachs enjoy!
11. My church – I am thankful that I have a place where I can worship every week with other people who believe as I do.  It’s a wonderful thing.
12. my job and also, my internship! I tend to stress out about life sometimes, but I’m blessed with a job I LOVE during the school year, and to have gotten an internship that’s going to give me lots of experience!
13. Music – I LOVE MUSIC, pretty much always have it on.  I’m currently really into old Coldplay stuff, and some Norah Jones too!
14. Sports – This is my release from stress, life, etc.  Nothing like it.
15. My car – Not to sound toooo materialistic, but I am thankful that I have a car that I can drive to different places whenever I need to.
16. Working out – Also a big stress reliever!! I WORK OUT
17. Texas A&M – I LOVE THIS PLACE, and to think I wasn’t even considering coming here until I was like a junior in high school, cray cray!!
18. Fruit – Especially when it’s hot!! I love any and every kind of fruit!
19. Water – for anyone that knows me, they know that I basically only drink water, that crap is delish!!
20. WRITING – I love writing, and eventhough I’m pretty positive nobody is reading this, it has been a cool experience getting to write just for fun.
OKAY, now, if you’ve stuck with me (does anybody actually read this???) I would love for you to leave things you’re thankful for in the comments! It doesn’t have to be a long list, but thinking about what you’re thankful for makes your day just a bit better! 🙂

One thought on “The BIG 2-0!

  1. Kathy Lentz says:

    I am thankful for the beautiful girl who made me a mama. Wowser! I never dreamed that little baby girl would grow up to be such an amazing young lady with such an inspiring faith. Love you kid! Love reading this blog! You rock! KAL

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