Ight errbody, how’s it going?  My life is pretty grand, if I do say so myself. I went to my internship from 9-5 as usual today, and then after that, I went to the place I work during the school year and worked there for a little while!!  I’m going to be rich when this summa is over, STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE! Then, I was too lazy to cook anything, so I used a coupon to get some wonderful What-A-Burger.  It’s been forever since I had a burger from there, and I forgot how freaking fantastic they were!  I also finally watched the season finale for the Mindy Project.  WARNING, this show is not for children, but I really like it.  Mindy is pretty funny.  I am now just hanging out, gonna watch the 2nd half of the Heat game and then go to sleep!! DIS GURRL IZ BEAT.  I was going to write some inspirational post tonight, but I’m too tired to be creative, maybe tomorrow!

Quote for the day: “I’d rather be working for a paycheck then waiting to win the lottery.”  Okay, so this is technically from my favorite song, (First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes IF you were wondering) but I think it has a good meaning.  You may get lucky and win the lottery one day, but you can’t spend your life waiting around for good things to happen.  Go out and do life, bruh.  kseeyalaterrrrr


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