Memorial Day

2013-05-28 17.40.44Sorry peeps, I completely forgot to post before I went to bed last night!  Okay, yesterday, I woke up to a wonderful surprise breakfast of a Frap and chicken mini’s from my amazing best friend! Yay!  She left, and I listened to the Tigers game and worked on a nifty-difty craft, pictured to the left.  I traced the letters from a word document and I’m going to go back and outline the edges with black puff paint.  I made an omelet for dinner and skyped with my parents until I watched the Wings game.  Let’s just say I was in a bad mood when the game was over.  After that, I watched the end of the Spurs game.  I’ve never really been a Spurs fan because their last title came at the expense of my favorite team, but Tim Duncan seems like a really cool guy.  I hope they can win it all this year.  I’ll post later about my day today 🙂

Quote for today:  “People may not always tell you how they feel, but they will always show you. Pay attention.”  How can you show people you care about them, and how are people showing you they care?  #deepthoughts

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