Wednesday, again!

s;fkjlalfkjewfjaewiopj;aoesjf;ajewfi;ojaewfj;lafwiee  THAT IS MY EMOTION DUE TO THE RED WINGS.  /deep breaths, deep breaths/  okay.  Today, I went to work, nothing extraordinary or terrible happened, so it was a fine day.  After work, I went to go dance at my church.  It felt sooo good, I didn’t realize how much I missed it, and how much I had loved it.  Hopefully, this will be something I can start doing again.  I ate some nachos for dinner, and listened to the Tigers for a bit before the Wings game started.  I am drained, but I don’t see myself falling asleep anytime soon seeing as BOTH of my teams lost in terrible fashion.  Also, I would just like everybody to note that it still hasn’t gotten up to 100 degrees and I think that is freaking fantastic.  I don’t have much planned for tomorrow, just another day in the life.  I’m going to go cry and eat ice cream to console myself about the Wings now.  BUT I always will love my boys!! Especially you Hank 😉

Quote for the day: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss  This was a popular quote when we were finishing up dance as seniors, and I just really like it 🙂

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