So today I went to work, and then came home.  I made delicious homemade pizza rolls – I used crescent rolls, pepperoni,
2013-02-28 19.38.17and string cheese.  They were so good!  I also changed the battery in the smoke detector in my hallway.  It was obnoxiously beeping, and when I finally got the dumb battery out to change it, it kept beeping!  But, on the brightside, I went to H-E-B to get some batteries, and when I bought the batteries, I got a free 1/2 gallon of ice cream.  Ice cream is my fave food in the entire world, and I came home and ate wayyyy too much of that.  I’m still dealing with the Wings’ loss okay?  Don’t judge me too harshly!  It took my like 10 years to change the new battery in the smoke detector, but when I finally got it, I felt so accomplished!  I am currently skyping with Hannah, we’ve been going at it for over 2 hours.  We are just talking about life and suchhhh.  Tomorrow, my brother graduates from high school!! WHOOP!  So I don’t know when I will be able to post again, for all 1 person that cares.  I’m too tired to look up a quote, go inspire yourselves peeps.  PEACE for nowwww 🙂

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