Graduation Weekend :)

2013-06-01 18.19.22Alright!  This weekend was AWESOME!  Jacob graduated from high school Friday night.  The ceremony was very nice, and not toooo terribly long (right under 2 hours).  It was so good to see my dad’s parents, mom’s brother and mom, and 2 friends from when we lived in Corpus.  After the ceremony was over, it was kinda late, so I got some mozzarella sticks and a milkshake from sonic.  I went to bed, (I MISSED MY BED) and then on Saturday, we had the party!  We ran some errands, and took care of some things during the day, and then everyone started coming over around 6:30.  We had a bunch of friends that celebrated Jacob’s big accomplishment with us.  It was a fun party, and I finally got to meet a bunch of Jacob’s friends.  It was a really fun time after everyone left, my grandparents and parents just told old stories, and we laughed a lot.  Jacob, my mom, and I stayed up watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.  We went to bed around 2, but it was fun.  Today, Jacob had to work, so it was just me, my parents, and my dad’s parents for most of the day.  We had a really delicious pizza for lunch and hung out for a lot of the day.  We played some dominoes and then ate dinner.  After that, I came back here!!

I’m not going to post an inspirational quote today.  But I would just like to say that being home this weekend reminded me of how blessed I am.  I have wonderful family and friends.  AND, life is pretty good when you think about it 🙂  BE INSPIRED BY THAT!!

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