Finally Friday!

Yay!! I love my job a whole lot, but I am very glad it’s the weekend!!! Yesterday, I went to work, and had a really great day!  I interviewed a guy for a story, and had my 1st story go through it’s final edit to be published.  After work, I went grocery shopping, and then came home and had an omelet for dinner.  I listened to the Tigers and then went to get a milkshake before going to Jeff’s to watch the soccer game last night.  I really don’t understand much about soccer, but there were parts of the game that were pretty exciting.  We won, so YAY AMERICA.

Quote for the day: “Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.” -George Halas a.k.a. the most underrated NFL coach (probably) of all time.  LIVE YOUR LIFE 🙂

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