Dis Past Weekenddd

Ight peeps, I have been terrible and have not kept up with this!  RECAP: Friday, went to work, went to Jason’s Deli, saw the Internship, watched Top Gun, all with Jeff.  Saturday: woke up really early for some reason, went home, went to lunch with my friend Leila, caught up on her life, hung out with my parents and Jacob, watched golf, rented The Impossible.  Sunday: went to church, ate steak, ate peach cobbler, watched golf, hung out with dad for Father’s day, came back to College Station, watched basketball.  That’s my life briefly.  Recaps of the movies: The Internship was really funny, I laughed pretty much the entire time.  Top Gun was okay, nothing super great.  The Impossible had a good story, but was pretty realistically gory at some points, and I had a hard time stomaching some of it.  (which is weird, because I really liked Django)  I had a really fun weekend at home, it was nice to be with my family and not have to do much.  Very relaxing.

Quote:” Be the change you wish to see in the world.” So, basically, don’t sit around and complain or mope about the world, or your life.  Go out and change what you can!! 🙂

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