Monday and Tuesday

Sooo yesterday, I went to work, came home, made a pizza, and then Jeff came over.  We watched Despicable Me, (pretty good) and then the end of the hockey game and the end of the Rangers game.   Skyped with Hannah last night too! I woke up this morning, and, not gonna lie, my hair looked awesome!!  I braided it last night, which is a frequent thing for me, but it looked better than it has in a long time.  Put me in a good mood all day 🙂 #itsthelittlethings  Came home after work, ate the second half of the pizza from yesterday, and watched So You Think You Can Dance (favorite summer show), some of the soccer game, and I’m watching the basketball game.  Pretty relaxing last couple of days.  Not too much going on in my life, but I don’t really mind that 🙂

Quote: “Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.” GUILTY of rushing things.  But these last couple day have helped me remember the little things, and just how good life really is! #brightside

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