Today I woke up, in a pretty great mood, went to work, and then went shopping. I got this skirt for my birthday that doesn’t fit, and I finally got around to take it back!  I bought a new bathing suit top and a new sundress.  I was pretty excited with my finds!  After that, I came home and ate some nachos real quick before going up to church for Bible Study where we discussed a lot of Luke 7.  I then proceeded to go over to Jeff’s to watch the replay of the Japan vs. Italy soccer game.  Jeff is helping me learn about soccer, and he knows a lot, so I’m learning a lot.  I actually am starting to like it.  It’s a lot better when you understand it!  I am now at home, just chilling!

Quote: “You can’t always be the best.  You have to remember that everyone makes mistakes sometimes.” -Aly Raisman  I like this because it’s a good reminder to not be so hard on yourself if you mess up.

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