So Hannah came into town Friday night.  We went to What-A-Burger with some coupons I had, and then Jeff came over.  We watched Warm Bodies.  I was severely dissappointed.  Jeff hung out for awhile, and we watched the Rangers and just hung out.  On Saturday, I woke up super early, watched some Sportscenter and some general TV while Hannah slept.  We went shopping for a bit, I didn’t buy anything cuz I didn’t need anything.  We ate omelettes for lunch and then laid out.  I also read the first Harry Potter, I love those stupid books with all of my heart ❤  We went over to Jeff’s that night, ate some pizza, watched a little bit of hockey, and watched The Avengers. We are all totally ridiculous because we’ve each seen that movie like 50 times, but it’s really good, so it’s okay.  Yesterday, we woke up, watched The Help, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and ate corndogs.  We went to church, oh and made some strawberry chocolate cookies.  I really liked them!  After church, we went to Layne’s where I beat the system by buying a chicken strip sandwich instead of a box.  Got the same food for half the price #winning.  After Hannah left, I finished reading Harry Potter, and then went to bed by 10.  I was exausted.  Today I went to work, and then my parents came into town.  They took me to On the Border, and then they took me to run some errands.  It was nice to see them for a little bit.  I watched the freaking hockey game, it was total and complete madness.  I don’t remember ever seeing a game end like that!  Now I am thoroughly beat, so I’ll probably go to sleep soon 🙂  too tired to look up a quote #sorryimnotsorry

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