Tuesday and Wednesday

Yesterday, I went to work, came home, ate the rest of my On the Border from Monday, and went to Jeff’s to watch Sherlock. It was a pretty good little show thingy, it may be better described as a movie, I’m not sure because they make a bunch of them.  I also watched the Tigers commit 6 errors, that’s a lot fer all ya who don’t get baseball.  Today, I woke up and just decided to be in a good mood.  Let me tell you, best day I’ve had in awhile.  I watched Wimbledon at lunch, and was totally crushed to find out my main man, and the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer was ousted in the 2nd round.  totallllly sucks.  I had a great day at work, and then came home, showered, ate a huge salad and a bunch of strawberries for dinner, and then listened to the Tigers for a bit.  Tonight, they did not commit 6 errors, they just found other ways to lose.  I went over to Jeff’s and me, him, and Brady watched Shawshank Redemption.  Really good movie.  I am now at home, just ate some ice cream, probs gonna hit the hay soon-ish.  

Quote: “Choose your attitude.” That was this thing from a video we watched on the dance team in high school, and I’m telling you, choosing to be in a good mood when you wake up is one of the best things you can do!!

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