Thursday and Friday

On Thursday, I went to work, then used my last What-A-Burger coupon for dinner.  😦 I watched the Italy/Spain soccer game, and then a little bit of the NBA draft.  I also learned the dances I will be performing for the National Youth Gathering.  I watched some Jimmy Kimmel too, such funny stuff.  Yesterday, I went to work, and then at 4, my boss took 3 of us on a golf car excursion to get ice cream and get out of the office.  It was super fun.  I ate some chicken strips for dinner, and then went over to Jeff’s.  We watched The Princess Bride, Jeff had never even heard of it!! How crazy is that?  We watched another episode of Sherlock after that.  I came home, worked on the dances a little bit more, and went to sleep.  I woke up this morning, ate an omelet, watched some tennis, packed, and I’m heading to San Antonio in a little less than an hour. It should be an exciting trip.

Much too tired/lazy to look up a quote today, sorry! Have a great day!

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