My Experiences in San Antonio

2013-07-04 18.36.29Sorry I haven’t posted in a week, but I’ve been a bit busy!  I got to San Antonio Saturday afternoon.  I hung out with my roommates, who were all super cool, and then we went to training and getting to know you stuff at the convention center.  On Sunday, we practiced our dances all day, and then had a worship service Sunday night.  It was pretty cool to be worshiping with about 500 others.  On Monday, we practiced in the morning, and then worked again after lunch.  We went back for the first mass event, and I got to be on a big box!  It was really cool.  On Tuesday, we practiced in the morning again, and then had the afternoon off.  I went to the Riverwalk with Ninette and Megan, 2 of my roommates.  We had relatively average tex-mex for dinner, and some super nice church paid for our food as a thank you for serving at the gathering.  We went back for mass event, I was on the stage this time.  It was cool seeing 25,000 people worshiping, a totally different experience than just being a participant. After the event, we stayed for the Jesus Painter, sand painter, and worship.  It was a very cool and powerful experience.   Wednesday, we had practice, and the afternoon off.  I laid out for a little bit, and then me and my 3 roommates went to get some BBQ, which was also relatively average.  I guess I’m a super duper hard food critic!!  We went to mass event, I was on a box again.  After the event, we stayed to watch the Skit Guys, totes hilar!  🙂 On Thursday, it was the 4th of July!! YAY AMERICA!!!!!  We went to practice in the morning, and then had a regular worship service, and then had the afternoon off.  I hung out with Hannah and her brother John.  It was fun.  We had mass event, I was on the stage again, and then saw a fireworks show! That was fun! This morning, we had to be at the Alamodome at 5:30 so it was a relatively exhausting morning!  We had mass event, and then I came home.  There was some Wimbledon watching and late night talking mixed into this mixture.  My favorite part was definitely hanging out with my roommates.  We all got along really well, and I’m blessed to have sure this experience with them.  I’m now back in Cstat, I’m a bit exhausted, but no worries! I’ll sleep good tonight 🙂

Quote for the day: “We don’t just have a savior, we need a savior.” This was one of the themes at mass event.  It may seem like the 2 ideas should be switched, but I like it the way the said because it reminds us that Jesus did come and die for our sins, but that He didn’t just do that for fun.  We need him, every single day.  It’s a great reminder for an independent person like myself 🙂

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