Yesterday I woke up at 11, and it was fantastic.  I went to the grocery store, made some pizza, laid out, took a shower, and then hung out with Ruben!  I made some spaghetti for dinner because I had felt gross from the lack of nutritious, complete meals I had in San Antonio. It was soooo good to see Ruben. Jeff came over later, and we watched the second Bourne movie.  It was good, but I think I liked the first one more.  We just hung out, eating ice cream, and watching soccer. I am so thankful to have met wonderful friends from church.

Quote: “Life is too short to have the victim mentality. Say to yourself, ‘I am not going to be bitter, I am going to be better.'” I really like this quote, I stumbled across it on pintrest today.  I hate when people mope and feel bad for themselves.  Everybody deals with crap, but I strongly believe that the happiest people are the people that choose to see the good in things.  Now I’m not saying that people who are diagnosed with depression need to get over it, it’s completely different when you’ve been diagnosed with a disease.  If you are feeling bad, and don’t know what to do, you should think about asking for help.  I’m talking about people that never see the good in things, only the bad, people that always bring you down, people that hold on to the people that hurt them, but push away the people that care.  We need to realize how good our lives are.  If you don’t like something, change it, or accept that you can’t.  This has been pretty preachy, but it’s really on my heart right now 🙂 make it a great Sunday!

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