Heyyyyy, so I’m like way out of the routine of posting.  Let me think back… Sunday I woke up in time to see the last point of the grossness that was Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.  That was disgusting. And then I went to church that night, I don’t really remember what I did during the day, I think I just listened to the Tigers and read.  On Monday, I went to work, and then me, Jeff, and Ruben saw Despicable Me 2.  Average, at best.  On Tuesday, I went to work, and then Hannah and her mom came into town for us to take a final look at our unit! We then went to Jason’s Deli with Jeff, Brady, and Ruben. It was fun to hang out with a big group, it felt almost like the school year.  On Wednesday, I went to my normal job, and then to 12th Man to get some work done. Oh, and it was my dad’s birthday, YAY! I was super restless last night so I went for a walk, read, and went on a pintrest fest. Oh and I went to What-A-Burger at like 11 with Ruben for honey butter chicken biscuits, #totesdelish. Today, I went to work, made really good spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner, and then went to Jeff’s to watch iRobot with him and Brady. It was pretty good.  I am now hanging out, tired, but don’t feel like going to bed.  Probably gonna work out, and read, and hangout on pintrest again… #lolmylife

Too lazy to look up a quote tonight… sorry I’m not sorry 😛

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