Sorry (all 2 of you who care) that I haven’t posted in so long!! I’m totally out of the habit 🙂 Anywho… let’s see… the last thing I posted was about the All-Star game, but I posted before Mariano Rivera a.k.a. the best closer of all time came in.  I posted the video of him coming in below, I literally was covered in chills and got super choked up. Mo’s one of the greatest humans to ever play the game, and I love him, even if he is a Yankee!! 😉 On Wednesday, the boys came over to watch the ESPY’s (average, at best unfortunately) and then on Thursday, I went to see Pacific Rim with Jeff. On Friday, I went to Katy to spend the weekend with Hannah. We went to Sonic and rented Gangster Squad Friday night, it was average, at best. On Saturday, we went shopping, and I tell you, I haven’t laughed that hard in I don’t know how long. No matter what we do, we always have fun. We made a pintrest dinner of Honey Mustard chicken (maybe a 6.5 out of 10) and then just chilled 🙂 Sunday we got up, went to church, went to PANDA for lunch (#winning) and then went home and watched This is 40. I have to admit, it was a lot more adult if you get what I’m saying than I was expecting… Oh and we ate mint dove bars. It was the best weekend I had in a really long time, and I can’t wait for Hannah to get her butt here to CStat.  I took Ruben to Layne’s last night, and then I finished the 3rd Harry Potter. (if you care (which I’m sure you don’t) I love the 3rd one because Sirius Black is my favorite favorite favorite Harry Potter character) Tonight, I watched The Bourne Ultimatum with Jeff and Brady, and then took Ruben to H-E-B. I also talked some sports with my uncle, which is always fun. My family is coming tomorrow, so that will be good 🙂 All in all, life is pretty dandy!

Quote: “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” -Elvis Presley.  YAY 🙂

Here’s the video, totally got chills again (I have a small problem)

One thought on “Wednesday-Monday

  1. Kathy Lentz says:

    Good to finally see a post! 🙂 The Rivera thing WAS totally awesome!!!! 🙂 See you later this afternoon.

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