Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

Alright people, I’m getting better! It’s only been 3 days since I posted, much better than a week 🙂 Ight, on Tuesday, I went to work, and then mi familia came into town. We went to On the Border, which is like super crazy delish, and then they bought me some groceries (thanks mom and dad ❤ ) Then, I didn’t do much, just hung out, and skyped with Hannah later in the evening. On Wednesday, I went to work, and then hung out with Ruben! We watched Duck Dynasty, and also made these relatively delicious brown sugar oven baked peach things. It twas fun. Today, I went to work again (shocker, I know) and then came home, made some realllllly good spaghetti/garlic bread and then chilled. I made some white chocolate chip cookies, and watched Safe Haven, which I got for free from Redbox. It was quite dramatic, and not that great. But the guy was cute, heyyyyy 😉 Hannah’s coming into town this weekend #whoop

Quote: “Never give up, the plan for your life far exceeds the circumstances today.” Inspired yet??

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