The weekend :)

On Friday, Hannah came into town and we officially signed our lease!! WHOOP! I made a pizza and we ate some grapes too for dinner, it was quite delicious. We then hung out with Jeff, Brady, and Ruben and watched Stranger Than Fiction. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen that before, but I couldn’t remember all of it. On Saturday, Hannah and I went shopping, I bought 2 bottles of nail polish and a thing of lotion, and Hannah bought some totes presh heels. Thennnn we made chocolate chip cookies, freaking fantastic if I do say so myself, and watched Wayne’s World at Jeff’s and then we came back here and watched Dumb and Dumber.  Hannah had to leave Sunday morning, and after she left, I went back to sleep. I listened to the Tigers, ate an omelette, watched some of the soccer game (USA! USA!), and just was lazy until I went to church. I had some chips and salsa for dinner, and then ended up going to bed around 10. I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. I’m going to watch Date Night in a bit.

Quote: “What if everyday is the perfect day to finally be exactly who you were always meant to be?” -Tyler Knot Gregson


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