So it’s been a long time since I posted…

…sorry about that! Alright, let me try and think back………. Okay, the last time that I posted, I had talked about listening the Tigers, they ended up SWEEPING the Indians (#suckstosuck or just #suckstobefromCleveland). Hannah moved in that Thursday, Jeff, Ruben, and Brady came over that night. I made cake batter cookies, and then when the boys left, me and Hannah went to Wal-Mart and H-E-B. We then came back here and made french toast and bacon at 1:30 in the morning. On Friday, I had my last day at work. It was bittersweet – I really loved working there, and the people were super nice, but I also really enjoy my job during the school year. That night, me and Hannah went to Carter’s Burgers, some place in Bryan that I had a buy one get one coupon for. Saturday, I went home and went to a Ladies Tea at church with my mom. We all hung out Saturday and Sunday, and then me and dad left for my grandparents house on Monday morning, our flight was out at 6:10. We landed in Chicago, made our way to my grandparents house in Northern Indiana, and then my aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and daughter came over. We ate some good food, and then after they left, we watched the Tigers. On Tuesday, my dad did some work around the house for the grandparents, and then I think we just watched the Tigers that night. Wednesday we didn’t do too much, but then went to play putt-putt that night. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all week, so we tried to be outside as much as possible. After putt-putt we played Mexican Dominoes and then watched Duck Dynasty.  Thursday, we got up, and headed to DETROIT #whoop! We went to the Ford F-150 plant to see trucks get made – that was really cool. After that, we went and hung out in Motown. Me and my dad walked around to all the landmarks. I had a blast, Detroit really is a nice city, especially downtown by the river.  We went to the Tigers game that night, which they won, and then headed back to the grandparents house. Friday, we woke up and left for Chicago. When we got back to Austin Friday afternoon, I found out that I need to be back in CStat Saturday afternoon. I helped my bro pack up his truck for school Friday night, and then got up to see him off Saturday morning. I came back to CStat, crafted with Hannah, and then went to work. On Sunday, we went to church, and then to Chipotle. Jeff and Matt came over around 2. Matt had to leave around 4:30, but Jeff stayed until almost midnight. It was so fantastic to have the four of us together again, we hadn’t seen Matt since school got out and it was so great to see him again. That was a really great day 🙂 Monday, got up, hung out, and then had a church cookout. Hannah, Matt, and I then went to Jeff’s to watch a Knight’s Tale. Tuesday – finally got to go work out, and then Jeff and our friend Jake came over to help us move our washer and dryer into our apartment. Jeff hung out afterwards while Hannah and Jake went up to the chapel, and we watched a soccer game (shocking that the two of us would do that right?) We then went to church for another cookout. After that, me and Hannah just hung out back at our apartment. Wednesday – went to Layne’s with church, went to Chuy’s with Hannah and Jake, and then Grace and Colleen came over to watch Dead Poet’s Society. After we had watched like 5 minutes, the boys invited us over to play Wii Olympics, so we went over there. That was super fun, I wish I had  a video to show you how intense it got! We then watched the Proposal, funny if you haven’t seen it, it was actually Matt’s idea haha. Thursday – worked out again (didn’t realize how much I had missed it!!!), and then went to the REC to play walley-ball, something else I had dearly missed! Then I went to a work meeting, after that, Ruben came over, we watched Pulp Fiction (I fell asleep). Friday- Jeff, Matt, Hannah, and I went to work this market thingy for church on campus, and then the boys made us lunch – they’re pretty good cooks if I say so myself. We just chilled over at Jeff’s watching How I Met Your Mother until I had to leave for work. Went to work, and then back over to Jeff’s where we watched Green Street Hooligans – pretty intense movie about pretty psycho soccer fans. Good stuff. Now I am finally writing to all of you, and today I have a pretty hefty to do list! Will try and write a couple times a week, but I don’t know how hectic it will be once school starts Monday. Moral of my life- I have amazing friends, and I am so blessed in pretty much every single way.

Quote: “I’d rather be working for a paycheck, then waiting to win the lottery.” -lyrics from First Day of My Life by Brighteyes – LOVE IT!!

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