The Last Few Days :)

Low down on the last couple days:

Wednesday: Went to class, made this really good oreo dessert, had Bible study (yayyy), did homework.

Thursday: went to class, had 1 class canceled, went to my other class, had a work meeting, ate food, watched football, then Jeff came over and after the football game was over, watched Friends.

Friday: Slept til 10:45, went to workout, ate an omelet, went shopping (got 2 super presh dresses), did homework, played wallyball, and then Jeremy and Caleb came over to watch the Tigers win!!! THAT WAS SUPER AWESOME

Saturday: Got up, cleaned the apartment, did some homework, and then around 11:30, Jeff came over. We watched a soccer game and then some football. Jeremy came over around 2:30, we watched the Michigan game, and then Ruben and Caleb came, we watched some of the Tennessee game, some of the Florida game, some of the Ohio State game, some of the LSU game, and then watched the Tigers game. After that, we watched the Stanford/Washington game. The boys left around 1. We ate lost of marshmallows, cookies, and other delicious-ness. Saturday was one of the best days I’ve had in my entire college career for sure. I love my wonderful friends!!

Sunday: Went to Bible Study, went to church, went to Blue Baker, and then Jeff, Matt, and Jeremy (for a bit) came over. We watched football, and then Hannah came home. We continued watching football, then went to supper. Currently, Jeff, Jeremy, Caleb, and Matt are all over at our house about to watch football (or maybe some movie because the boys are contemplating watching something else…)

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