Numero Dos

Today was my first day working all day in my department, which was super cool. I had work from 10-6:30. We got into the office, and learned how to cut clips to be used for segments on the radio. So today, Derek Fisher was hired as the Knicks new head coach and there was a press conference held to announce that. So we were trained on how to listen to that and then cut out the good clips so the ESPN Radio shows can use those clips on their show, and just get the highlights without all the other stuff. It was pretty cool. There was a ton going on today so there were a ton of clips to create! We were training today, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. It’s super cool. I went and worked out after work at our gym and that was much needed. Came home, ate dinner, and now watching the Spurs game. Maybe there will be a clip or two to cut from that tomorrow 🙂

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