Today was pretty cool, worked from 10-6:30 again. We got in, and started working on cutting up clips again. We worked a little bit with press conference stuff from the NBA game last night. We had to do some training modules so that took some time, and then we kept working on different big story clips until we had a training on some different software. Thennnn, we did some work with stuff that Landon Donovan said to Mike Tirico and then we got to go to a production type meeting for baseball tonight on the radio. Those guys are so smart and know like every fact about baseball ever and just throw stuff out there so fast. That was super cool and efficient. And then came home where I made dinner and am waiting for the hockey game to start. Not a big fan of the eastern time zone, just gonna be real. Deuces until another time fam


One thought on “Wednesday!

  1. Kathy Lentz says:

    Oh to be 21 again! It sounds like things are going well for you baby girl! I’m so excited to hear details. Keep it coming. 🙂 Enjoy livin’ the dream!!! Mommy

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