June 12

Today was fun!! I worked from 1-9:30. I was assigned 2 baseball games to cut all by muhself. They were back to back so that took a lot of time. I cut all the necessary clips from those games and then helped cut clips from Dan Le Batard’s radio show. We also talked a lot with John Brickley, who is hilarious. You should all go follow him on Twitter (@john_brickley). He is a studio host for a lot of radio stuff. We watched him cut some stuff for the digital side which was pretty legit. These people are so professional and have so much brilliant advice about EVERYTHING it seems. Oh, I found out that I’m going to be a Production Assistant for Dari and Mel next week, so that should be AWESOME. #blessed 

P.S. How about the World Cup what whattttt. I’m all about that soccer lyfe

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