End of the First Week

Last night, I worked from 6-2:30 a.m., hence the posting right now. During the day, I woke up, went and worked out, ran some errands, made a delicious lunch, watched a ton of soccer, and then went to work where we were scheduled to work on SportsCenter All Night, which is a show that runs on the radio late at night. There was a ton going on between World Cup, baseball, and Stanley Cup Playoffs. And then, Chuck Knoll died close to time when we were going to go on. It was cool to see all these moving parts coming together. The hockey game (which was CRAZY AWESOME btw) wasn’t over when we were almost ready to air so it was cool seeing how all of that works. Then, once we got off, I came home and slept. I woke up this morning, drove to the post office and decided that I love this weather – 68 and sunny. I have the windows open right now while I’m watching even more soccer because you know, world cup. And golf today, oh and Tigers (who are the source of my anger issues…) Anyway, enjoying the day off, it will be the only Saturday off, normally I’ll have off Tuesday and Wednesday. Back to the grind tomorrow, ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I’m LOVIN’ IT!!!!

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