Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Alright, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had unique hours and so I’m still trying to get in a routine about posting!
Sunday – got up, went to church, went to work from 12:30-9, worked baseball, worked NBA finals pregame, worked soccer, fun fun!!

Monday – got up, worked out, watched Germany destroy Portugal, went to work from 4:30-1 where I worked on Stink and Sedano and the Freddie Coleman show, two different radio shows. BUT FIRST, we watched USA own Ghana (except not really, I was pretty sure we were going to lose, Ghana was just attacking and attacking and then attacking some more and I was so nervous, but it was so freaking amazing, and soccer is wonderful, and I love it sooo muchhh). The guys on the show were awesome, and the production people were super cool, too. Then, I came home, and was still so freaking excited about the game that I stayed up and talked about it with friends at home because, you know, soccer. And I’m in eastern time, so it’s not as late for them.

Tuesday – Hey, that’s today!! Well, I went and worked out, went shopping, and am currently watching soccer (obvs). I may go to a movie tonight with a few of the girls, I may stay here and hang with a few of the girls, idk yet. But yea, the weather is gorgeous, and they’re all complaining how hot it is LOL it’s 84. 

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