Wednesday – Sunday

Rundown (production lingo) of my last several days:

Wednesday – had the day off, but went to this intern seminar thing about how to start your career, got free pizza so WHOOP. Hung out, watched soccer, I think I went shopping too, looking for a coffee table, but nobody seems to sell those! And I sat outside, the weather is perfect, I don’t understand why people don’t sit outside or have their windows open all the time here.

Thursday – worked from 5:30 pm – 2 am. Watched a lot of soccer before work, worked out, watched a lot of soccer and baseball at work, solid day.

Friday – worked from 6 pm – 2:30 am. Ummm, worked out that morning, no that’s a lie, meant to work out, but my hip has been hurting and it hurt reallllly badly so I just watched soccer instead and hung out with some of the girls in my apartment with similar hours to me. Cut a lot of soccer stuff and baseball stuff at work.

Saturday – worked from 12:30ish – 9 pm. Watched a ton of soccer, and baseball and can we PLEASE just talk about how awesome that Germany/Ghana game was? LIKE FOR REAL, it was freaking amazing. And Messi’s goal in stoppage time in the Argentina game, seen here. BUT THAT GERMANY GAME – freaking PER (aka my 2nd favorite player from Arsenal, which I get made fun of for BUT I DON’T CARE). And then I came home, and baked with Brooke!! We made “slutty brownies” (don’t worry mom, it’s not what it sounds like), recipe here. I would recommend a 9×13 pan, and to cook for at least 40-45 minutes before checking them. Brooke wants to learn how to bake and cook this summer, and I LOVE TO BAKE, and cooking is cool, too, so yea, that was fun. It was like 11:45 before they were done, and we were starving for them, so they were extra amazing. 

Sunday – went to church, a bunch of the people were super nice and introduced themselves and talked with me for awhile, so that was cool. Then I had work from 12:30-9. Watched a ton of soccer and baseball. DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT THE USA GAME. I literally felt like I had a run a marathon when that game was over, I have wayyyyy too many irrational feelings about athletes and people I’m never going to meet when it comes to sports. At least I know it, acceptance is the first step. I told one of my friends at home that I was quitting sports because then I wouldn’t care so much about people that don’t care about me. But I was just being dramatic, I think I would die without sports in my life (not dramatic!!). Anyway, Klinsmann (USA’s coach) is still the man, like I’m seriously obsessed with him. And Graham Zusi is awesome, which I also got made fun of for saying at home, but I DON’T CARE. I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN (or draw…) with Germany and then move out of “the group of death” (because soccer is basically the most dramatic sport ever, like seriously, do you see how much they flop? Ever watched Chile? You look at them wrong and they’re feinting pulled hamstrings!) I came home, made a delicious dinner, and then chilled with my roomies until the new SportsCenter set debuted (is that a word??) which was LEGIT. That thing is futuristic, catch an episode of SC soon, it’s so cool. 
*DISCLAIMER – when I say I’m going to “watch” sports at work, it’s part of my job, it’s not like I just sit there and watch World Cup. I do stuff for the games, before, during, and after. Just clarifying 🙂

Today I am working from 12:30-9 and then who knows what I will do? I do know that I plan to cut a ton of soccer at work today, there are no day games for baseball, peculiar, I know. Have a great day peeps. Don’t watch tooooo much World Cup.

One thought on “Wednesday – Sunday

  1. Kathy Lentz says:

    Rebekah Lentz – you make me laugh girlie! Sounds like you’re enjoying your summer… living the good life. Love you, Mommy

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