Yesterday! (and today…)

So yesterdayyyy, I had work, did a bunch with World Cup, and was like 2 feet from Chuck Pagano, the Colts head coach, super cool dude. Didn’t actually talk to him, but he spent the whole day on campus yesterday so I was lucky to bump into him. After work, I was straight up EXHAUSTED for some reason unknown to man, so I made dinner, hung with the roomies for a bit, and then went to bed by like 11:30. Woke up this morning, worked out, and came home and watched soccer (Luis Suarez is an idiot, if you don’t know why, get with it. But will I still have him on my fantasy team? DUH, I wanna win). I am currently watching soccer, and then I will be exploring the town of Farmington tonight. THERE’S A SONIC THERE OMGGGG and apparently the grocery stores are better there. They better be, because the produce I bought the other day was all moldy and stuff, and that is just unacceptable (I MISS H-E-B!!). And I kind of want to make fish or something for dinner…I’m just obsessed with the weather here, I have the windows open and am sitting right by it so I can enjoy soccer and the weather. Maybe I’ll go for a walk tonight, too. It’s light pretty late here anyway. ALSO – less than 48 hours until the next USMNT gameeeeeeeeeeee. GET HYPED by watching this —->BOOM. The American Outlaws (what the supporters call themselves) are so legit. I want to watch the game with them in Hartford on Thursday, but I probably shouldn’t drink before I go into work… Also also, I made a really delicious grilled cheese for lunch. OOOH also also also, I have this ice cream called intense cookies ‘n cream in my freezer, and it is amazing – although it would be better if it were creamy creations (which is the best ice cream in the whole world, all you Blue Bell people are wrong) Like how scattered this post is today?  You’re welcome. And, the Office is the greatest show ever, just accept that fact. DEUCES


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