Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

Ight – Wednesday – slept in, worked out, watched soccer, got my hair did, made breakfast tacos for dinner (#winning), chatted with my mom on the phone for like three hours, anddd listened to the Tigers be beasts. 

Thursday – USMNT GAME DAYYYYYYYYYYYY. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Becca to watch the game, and eat wings and such. Brooke came for a little while, too. That was super fun. Even though we technically lost, we moved on. And we can beat Belgium, Klinsmann is seriously the man. Wanna go manage at Arsenal? I went to work from 5:30-2, my first time closing by myself. It was pretty chill, we had the NBA draft last night and baseball, so it was busy, as usual 🙂  

Friday – woke up at noon because I was exhausted, and didn’t go to bed until like 3 anyway… I ate breakfast, and then lunch a little while later, and am now eating ice cream, because ice cream. I have a meeting at 4, and then screen from 4:30-1 am. I don’t know what to do with myself because there’s no soccer, so I settled for Wimbledon. Rough life, I know.  

ALSO, check this out. That’s Kyle Field. WHATTTTT? It looks amazing and beautiful and I love football so much and I miss College Station so much and Texas A&M and H-E-B, because, H-E-B obviously…  But for real, Connecticut is GORGEOUS. Anywho, those construction cams are awesome and Kyle Field is going to be one of, if not the, best place to spend a Saturday. It was already my favorite place on campus, but now… OH SNAP

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