Saturday – Monday

Alrighty peeps: 

Saturday – got up, watched soccer, went to work, closed at work… The usual 🙂

Sunday – went to church, went to work, came home, ate a grilled cheese, and then went to bed at like 10:15, not an exaggeration. I had slept for like 9 hours combined the previous two nights so I was feeling it. 

Monday – shadowed SVP and Russillo today, but it was actually Adnan Virk and Max Betos, two of the nicest people on the planet. It was cool getting to see how all of that worked, because SVP and Russillo is a big show. And I was on TV a few times! I also ran into (kinda literally) Mike Golic from Mike and Mike. I played it off so chill, but it was pretty cool. I then went and worked out, thought I had it planned perfectly – got to the gym right as the second half of the Germany game was starting and had a 45 minute workout good to go. EXCEPT NOT. Freaking extra time. But that game was legit. I think I walked like 5 miles on the treadmill, all with an incline, sooo I’m gonna be feeling it tomorrow. Oh well, worth it, SPORTS RULE. Went grocery shopping, caught up with some people at school, and ate ice cream. Overall, a good night. Oh, and somehow, Jacob is receiving texts to me on his phone and we have no clue how that’s happening so that’s awesome, pause, not. (Borat reference, for all my Borat peeps)

ADIOS AND GO AMERICAAAAAAA (with or without Jozy!!!!!!)

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