Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday all day

So I’m still in mourning. I don’t want to talk about USMNT, but let’s just say if I have to see Wondo’s miss one more time, I’m gonna break my TV. That game was brutal, but, seriously how great was it? Soccer is an amazing sport and I really hope it takes off here. I went to Dairy Queen last night with some of my roomies (I was off yesterday) and drowned my sorrows in a mint oreo blizzard. Not sorry about it.
Today, I AP-ed SVP and Russillo!! (AP is assistant producer) It was cool. Jorge Sedano was the host today and it was awesome having a role on a major show. I picked different audio clips to be played and got so freaking excited when he played one of them. It was so legit. And then, when I was walking to my car to get my workout clothes, I say Barry Larkin AND Tim Kurkjian. So that was cool. I went to the gym, and then I saw John Buccigross. So Bucci is swoll. Like a straight beast. And then, the girl next to me on the treadmill asked me if I went to A&M and I said yes, obvs, and she said she graduated two years ago! She was so nice and she wants to hang out sometime because she works a similar schedule to me as well. So that was cool. God is good!!
I was going to write a rant or opinion piece or something about soccer and America and sports and blah blah blah, but I’m tired, so maybe another time. I work from 6-2:30 am tomorrow, so probs won’t post again until Friday… SORRY BOUT CHA.

adios amigos

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