Wednesday evening-Monday evening

Okay, so last time we checked in, I was chilling on a Wednesday night. That evening, I talked with the fam, and then when I hung up, I got a surprise conference call from a bunch of my freshmen. It was totally awesome 🙂
Thursday – worked out, screening, etc etc
Friday – woke up, watched soccer, went to work (watched soccer), came home, chilled
Saturday – woke up, watched soccer, went to work, watched soccer, and then I couldn’t get in my dorm because of a fireworks show, went to sonic (#winning) and then went to bed after watching some episodes of The Office.
Sunday – went to church, went to work, watched The Office, pinterested (it’s a word, proimse)
Monday – AP-ed SVP and Russillo again! Russillo was back, and he co-hosted with John Buccigross. I knew Bucci was funny from the unhealthy amounts of SportsCenter I watch, but that guy is flat out entertaining, and he’s super versatile, knows a bunch about a bunch of stuff. Oh, and I decided one of the guys that works on the show (“Stanford Steve”) looks exactly like the guy from Pawn Stars. Look,

here he is!

Twins right? I didn’t take this picture, found it online when I googled him.  He actually played football at Stanford, I’m so creepy right? He’s gonna be so freaked out when he reads this. LOL, nobody reads then. Anyway, that was fun. And then I worked out, made dinner, chilled, went to Buffalo Wild Wings with some peeps, and now I’m watching Friends. Happy weekend people!!! MONDAY IS THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK

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