7/8 a.k.a. Tuesday – had the day off, got up, worked out, hung out, went to Trader Joe’s, went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Germany game (LOfreakingL) and then went to Dairy Queen later that night per our Tuesday night tradition.
7/9 a.k.a. Wednesday – had the day off, hung out, watched the Netherlands game (YAWNNNN), went to a work training, worked out, made an absolutely amazing dinner, and chilleddd.
7/10 a.k.a. Thursday a.k.a. mi padre’s 50th birthday – had a work symposium, talked to the fam for awhile, went to work, made a pulled pork sandwich for dinner (Uh-may-zing), worked until 1 and then went to sleep.
7/11 a.k.a. Friday – got up, worked out, chilled, went to work at 4:30 until 1, came home, was super restless, tried to sleep anyway (bad idea)
7/12 a.k.a. Saturday a.k.a. today – got up, ate, went to work at 12, worked baseball and soccer stuff, came home and I’m currently making fish for dinner (so hungry!!). Probs go to bed at a decent hour, or at least attempt to because I have work at 9:30 in the morning. Enjoying lyfe homes 🙂


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