Yesterday and Today

Alrighty, yesterday I AP-ed Coach and Company, which was super fun, and then worked in screening until 6. The World Cup game was kind of underwhelming, but that goal was awesome. I’m so sad that there is no competitive (good) soccer until August, but less than 2 weeks until the Arsenal game!!!! SO FREAKING EXCITED TO SEE MY BOYS. When I got off, I made dinner, and then just kind of decompressed. When I get home, I’m so wound up, and I couldn’t fall asleep until late, but I caught up with some folks and chatted with some others, which is always good. Love my cstat friends.
Today, I was woken up around 11 by our maintenance man and his freakishly loud knock on the door. I was so mad because I was sleeping so well!! I got up and did a kick butt workout, like I was drenched in sweat, it didn’t help that it was humid as all get out outside and freaking hot inside. I went grocery store shopping after, made lunch, and then was lazy until I went to dinner with three ladies from work, LADIES NIGHT OUT whaddupppp. I had a delicious bacon burger (I had been craving a burger for weeks now) and am now home. I had a buy one get one movie from Redbox, got Her and Saving Mr. Banks. Will watch one tonight probs, and the other tomorrow. Couldn’t care less about the homerun derby, but I am excited about the game tomorrow. It’s full on baseball now without the world cup (I’m still really sad about that) and like six weeks (so longgggg) until football season. It’s raining here which just makes me want to be lazy, but I may go shopping tomorrow. Anywho, have a good night, decucessss

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