Tuesday – day off, was so lazy, worked out, watched Saving Mr. Banks, laid in bed, went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the All-Star game… watched the Office, and was just generally lazy. It was realllllly nice.
Wednesday – worked out, had the day off, made a cake with just a cake mix and can of soda (delish), watched the ESPY’s, watched the office, etc etc
Thursday – work from 2:30-11, AP-ed the Dan Le Batard Show (with Freddie Coleman) and then Sedano and Stink. Pretty solid day of work. Too tired to remember specifics… guess that’s why I should keep up with this better, huh?
Friday – work from 4:30-1. worked out, chilled, and then went to work. Solid day as well, first day of baseball since Monday which is always a plus.
Saturday – work from 1:30-9. Good day, watched a good amount of baseball and soccer at work, then went to Sonic and had a milkshake and cheesy bread dog (WITH BACON) for dinner. It was kind of amazing. Rented Delivery Man (free Redbox! I’ve been raking in the coupons recently), sweet film.
Sunday – went to church, made lunch, ate lunch, worked from 12:30-9, came home and ate some ice cream, and then watched a couple episodes of the office before trying to fall asleep.
Monday – worked from 7am-3. Getting up was hard, but today was a fun day. I AP-ed The Herd, and felt like I was an important part of the team. I contributed some ideas and had a good time. The Herd is a unique show because it’s just Colin as the host, but it’s a cool thing. That was fun. I worked out after and was home around 4:30, pretty solid! I’m tired now, but I liked having so much of my day still after work. Probably watch some episodes of the office and hang out on pinterest before crashing. Working from 7-3 again tomorrow. ALSO, Les Miles was on The Herd today and I may or may not have fangirled a little bit because I may or may not be a bit obsessed with the Mad Hater. Adios amigos!


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