2014-07-22 11.00.20

that short coach

On Tuesday, I AP-ed the Herd again and also shook hands with some short football coach, think his name was Saban? So that was kind of cool, I guess. I also talked to Bret Bielema and Steve Spurrier, friendly dudes. I had a blast on the Herd, I booked one of the guests for Spanning the Globe and also contacted all three of them when it was time for them to on the air. That was legit. Went and worked out and maybe went grocery shopping (?) after. Chilled that night.
Wednesday – Day off, worked out, had a super massive migraine so I just came home and laid around, watched the Office, watched some soccer, and was pretty relaxed.
Thursday – Intern Symposium! The interns from LA and NYC also came up to Bristol for the day for this symposium thing we had. I definitely think the Bristol interns are the luckiest – we are where the main ESPN headquarters are, pretty cool. We talked to John Skipper, the President of ESPN (cool, quirky dude), had (free) lunch with ESPN recruiters, went on a scavenger hunt (that we lost, but I owned at), listened to a panel about Sportscenter and then were done for the day. A group of interns went to TD Homers for Happy Hour. I went to be social since I never hang out with them because of my schedule, but I had a bad headache the whole time, so I probably wasn’t too fun to be around. Hung out with some of the boys and roomies after, but left early cuz of my head and watched some office.
Friday – AP-ed the Herd. Booked all three guests for Spanning and got to be part of the TV tease!!2014-07-25 11.00.52 Worked out after work and now I just watched some more episodes of the Office and I’ll probs consider bed soon, supes tired. This has been my favorite week BY FAR of the summer and tomorrow will probably be my favorite day!! I AM GOING TO NYC tomorrow for the day- Arsenal is playing the Red Bulls tomorrow evening, and I want to spend the whole day in the city. I’m so pumped. I’ve been joking that of all the sporting events I’m partaking in while I’m up here, I’m choosing a soccer game. It’s only this time last year that I was really getting into soccer. Funny what having a close friend who loves soccer does to you, huh? Full pics and summary will be posted eventually about tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day, but totally worth it. NYC is probably one of my favorite places in the world, right up there with College Station and Kyle Field. Until we meet again 🙂

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