Saturday (NYC!!) and Sunday (work) and Monday (off)

2014-07-26 21.36.09So Saturday I went to NYC!!! It was so amazing and wonderful and awesome.  I love that place, there is so much energy and people working hard and adventure to be had there! Alright, so rundown of the day: took the train from Stamford to Grand Central and then took the subway to the World Trade Center Museum/Memorial/Freedom Tower. That was awesome.  They had a crazy amount of artifacts from Ground Zero, the Pentagon, Pennsylvania, and all the planes. They had voice messages from people that died in the tower collapse or on United 93. This steel was part of the frame where the North Tower (I think…) was struck. 2014-07-26 10.11.56Like it was right there. My mind was blown so many times, and I was way more emotional about a lot of the things than I thought I would be. They also had the footage of the hijackers passing through security at the airport. Talk about eerie. I saw video for three or so of them. One of them got pulled aside to be checked with the wand and they found nothing. It was so crazy to me. There was a ton of raw footage from the South Tower getting hit and then the towers collapsing. I saw the stairs that a lot of people were able to escape down this kind of back way. I walked around the perimeter of the North Tower that is still in place. It was super well done. If you are anywhere close to NYC, you have to go. The reflecting pools are cool, too. They have the names of every person who died, and it kind of just hits you that all these people are dead and the magnitude felt by these attacks. I spent about 2 hours there and then headed to Little Italy, the gem (in my opinion) of NY. I ate at Taormina and had spaghetti carbonara, one of my favorite dishes to make. I don’t think mine can hold a candle to the Italian delicacy my taste buds were treated to. I then had tiramisu – basically the most amazing treat in the world. 2014-07-26 13.08.25 That was fun, there was a guy playing the accordion in the streets, too. Little Italy is just charming. It’s a dying industry, I’ve heard, China Town is swallowing it up. Little Italy is also cool and historic because that’s where the mob used to hang out, in all those restaurants. They may have been bad dudes, but at least they know good food! After that, I began my trek to Jersey for the Arsenal game!!! It took awhile, and was slightly confusing because I had to change trains several times. However, I found tons (and I mean tons) of Arsenal fans also journeying to Red Bull Arena, so I didn’t get lost. I hung out at the Bullevard (clever, huh?) for awhile before the game. There were guys doing like ball handling tricks and there was this cute little kid that was really good with them, too. That was fun to watch for awhile. They had some 3-on-3 games going on so I watched that for awhile as well. The FA Cup was there (because Arsenal is the defending FA Cup champ (so shut up h8rz, a.k.a. Jeffrey and Andrew))  so that was super cool. 2014-07-26 18.05.52I went into the Arena around 3:45 or so, the match was at 5, but I didn’t want to miss anything, who knows when I’ll be this close to the boys again?? My seat was kind of high, but the arena isn’t that big, so nobody is really that far away. Plus, I was in Arsenal’s attacking half for the first half so I was close to my boi Aaron Ramsey while he played and got to see Santi (ohhhhh Santi Cazorla) take a couple corners right by me. The guys next to me were from England, and they were super nice. They came all the way from England for the game! I was like, Arsenal plays all of their games in England… but New York is a cool place, so why not? The arena was at least 95% gooners (or gunners, I disagree with Jeff about this) so it was like a home game at the Emirates (except not, but kind of?). Even though the boys lost, I still had a blast. It was just a friendly anyway, and only three of the guys that played will probably start when the season starts in a little less than 3 weeks (WHOOP). After that, I waited a long time for a train, and eventually made it to Times Square, an incredible place full of energy that I think everyone should see at least once in their life. I just kind of marveled at its magnitude and made my way to Grand Central to catch a train back. Got something to eat at Grand Central and once I got back to Stamford, I drove home. It was an amazing day. Andrew said I would have had more fun if I was with someone, but I’m not sure. I loved being able to do whatever I wanted and explore and make my way around on my own. I felt so accomplished figuring out my way around. Plus, I’m always pro alone time. Also, an app on my phone told me I walked 7 miles that day, so that was cool.

On Sunday, I went to church, went to work, and then went to bed after watching some office. Pretty chill day.

Today, I worked out and have just been laying around. I’ve had a pretty exhausting several days so it’s been nice to relax. It’s raining as well, so that always works well with a lazy day. 🙂


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