The End of the Summer

Sorry all, I am a horrible person and did a terrible job of keeping up with this. I know my one fan really missed my exciting life details. I worked a ton, like 23 of my last 25 days – worked on the Herd, had a BLAST, worked on a lot of Saturday and Sunday shows, had a BLAST, sat in screening, had a BLAST, and just worked in general. I shadowed First Take one day, that was cool. They are totally different when the cameras are on and when they are off, it’s funny to see. My dad came into town on the Wednesday of my last week, we went to New Haven that day, had what is supposedly America’s best pizza (pretty delish) and then walked around Yale. It is a gorgeous campus, super old, and I just felt smarter being on that campus. 2014-08-13 18.13.43 We also got really good milkshakes, they were like coffee with caramel candy chunks or something, really good. On Thursday, we went to this Chinese restaurant I had heard a lot about after work, it was really good, and then my dad took me to this ice cream place he had found that was also very good. We went to this pet store and saw some gross rats and pretty birds, etc. Friday, I didn’t work until 4:30 so we just kind of hung out, went to a cute little cupcake shop, watched Karate Kid, and finished moving my stuff out. We left for Omaha when I got off at 1 am. We drove straight through and were home by 8:30 Saturday night, it was a pretty pleasant drive and night. Sunday, we went to go see Jacob at school, went to St. Joseph’s for dinner, had Cheddar’s which is always clutch. Ran a lot of errands Monday, went to a good steak place that night, and then I left for my favorite place Tuesday morning. Got a hotel, got fuego (#winning), went to bed, moved in and worked all day(s) Wednesday-Friday. Currently watching and will finish decorating, etc this weekend. Can’t wait to see everyone, it’s so good to to be back, even though it’s so freaking hot. Cheerio!

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