So I’ve decided I’m going try at least one new pinterest recipe a week. I’ve tried 2 in the last 24 hours and will be trying a third later this week. I thought I’d post so you could all find out what I like and dislike and journey together on me becoming the best cook possible. 

Yesterday, I made chocolate lasagna, which received rave reviews from all who ate it (a.k.a. the pickiest person I know plus some other people). Here’s the recipe. I halved the choco lasagna because it looked rich and I knew only a few would be enjoying it. I used double stuff oreos (18 for the crust, as suggested) and then crushed the rest to put on top of the lasagna. I also crushed the oreos in a bag with an ice cream scoop so the chunks were a little bit bigger, which went over well. I forgot to half the butter… so that may have added to the deliciousness, I’m sure it would have been really good without that amount of butter I used. I refrigerated it for close to five hours before we ate it, and we were all a little bit happier once we finished. 

Today, I made some chicken, and also this incredible cheesy zucchini rice, recipe here. This rice is freaking incredible, but super rich, I think I would probably use half the butter next time. I only used 1 can of chicken broth from H-E-B, which was just under 2 cups. I used a cheese shredder to shred 1 zucchini, which I thought was a small-ish one, but apparently we have big zucchini here so I just shredded 1. I used colby jack cheese, trying to save money because that’s the cheese I’m using for a recipe later this week and cheese is cheese and cheese is good. cheeseGuess where I found that picture?? haha anywayyy I added some salt and pepper, but no milk. All three ingredients were optional, but I think I will def half the butter next time so the rice is a little bit crunchier and less creamy, but that I a personal preference!  Happy cooking!!



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