Update on Delicious Dishes!

Alright, so I’ve made three new recipes since I last posted, I won’t be making any new dessert this weekend cuz the picky one wants sugar cookies (mostly just dough) and he’s getting his ring (WHOOP) so I suppose I shall oblige.

Okay, let’s start with the stuffed shells!! Recipe here. These were freaking amazing. I’m not a cumin person, so I didn’t add any of that. And I think I cooked the shells for too long, they were super flimsy and the filling was falling out of some of them. So I would under cook them because they finish up in the oven. I also think I would add more onions. I also would put some sauce on the side of pan if your shells are going to be tight against the side. I had a few that were stuck and I was super hungry so I just tore them from the side… The recipe says it’s for 4, but I ate this in 2 meals, but I didn’t serve anything else with it. If you had a salad or like rice and beans, I’m sure if would feed four. I also didn’t eat hardly anything all day so I would be hungry for these. Really good, if you’re not a spicy fan, make sure you use the mildest enchilada sauce you can find, and maybe half the chili powder.

Okay, next I made s’more stuffed cookies, like OMG. Here’s the recipe. So I followed this recipe and directions for 4 cookies, they were huge and I had a hard time getting the dough to stick to everything. This cookies were massive so I put 2 on each baking sheet. They fell apart in the oven (I deleted my pictures…) to where the sides kind of ran down the cookie. So, problem solving, I used a muffin tin for the rest!  I put enough dough to cover the bottom and then put in some broken graham cracker pieces, 1/2 a big marshmallow (also cut in 1/2 so two 1/4 pieces), and a piece of chocolate. You can add more of whichever ingredient you have a soft spot for. I then covered that with some more dough. This worked perfectly, I’m really mad I deleted my pictures, but these babies were beautiful. The boys were calling them cookie muffins, and we had no problem finishing this super unhealthy treats. I recommend the muffin tins from the beginning. This recipe will definitely be made again.

On Tuesday, I went to hang with three of the sophomore girls, and we made Avocado Feta Cheese Orzo Salad, recipe aqui. It was pretty good, but I think I would add some chicken to it next time. We used a whole thing of tomatoes and three avocado cuz I was trying to save money so I bought the smaller ones which were half the price per unit. We also used crumbled feta which was scrumptious. I would maybe add more lettuce if you’re just eating this (we used probably 6 cups instead of the recommended 4) and then maybe 3/4 cup orzo instead which is between 1/4 and 1/2 cup uncooked. We also just threw everything in a salad bowl and mixed it together, it was pretty scrumptious that way. Def could use some protein or some cheesy bread or something to go with it.

I’m making my meal plan for next week and it looks like there will be 3-4 new recipes, one of which I’m completely creating and trying on my own. We will see how that turns out… Happy eating! 🙂

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