Three New Recipes!

Wednesday I ended up making snickerdoodles for the freshmen, recipe here. They were good, and this dough was probably the best dough of any cookies I’ve made in a long time. (note: raw cookie dough can make you sick so consume at your own risk) I thought these were good, but not the “best ever” as the title declares, they weren’t dry, but I like super moist cookies. All I know is that this recipe made 4.5 dozen cookies, and I didn’t bring any home so they were a hit. I think they are probably best warm.

Thursday, I experimented with orzo again, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things up there with quinoa. Here’s the recipe, Damn Delicious is probably the best all around food blog out there, I make a ton of her stuff. I just ate this as a main dish, I had enough for two meals, I don’t think I had any veggies either so that should give you an idea of its filling-ness. I think I might add chicken next time, chicken makes any meal better. I didn’t add any salt or pepper and I thought it was perfect as it was. I also used a bag of fresh spinach (like for a salad) for the required spinach and used about half the bag. I froze the rest and will be making this again in the probably near future. I would also maybe add a little bit more onion, I really like onion so the more, the better!

Friday, I hung out with Matt, Jeff, and Andrew and made marshmallow blondies, recipe aqui (here in espanol, DUH). These were amazing. Even Matt, who doesn’t like butterscotch, thought these were super good. I cut up big marshmallows into 1/8ths which ended up being really sticky and complicated, but I’m cheap and didn’t have any mini mallows on hand. I def recommend using the mini’s though because the stickiness caused some big areas of marshmallow, and I think it would be better if they were distributed evenly throughout. These are also way better when they are completely cool, like they were much better the next day. I also found the foil kind of sticky and a pain to cut from so I would use parchment paper next time. I’m not sure if that would impact cooking time, but you can tell pretty easily if this is set by the toasted look of the marshmallows and the way it moves, kind of like a cake. Does that make sense? I think I would double the recipe next time, it was a little thin in my 11×7 pan so if I doubled it, it should fit nice and easy into a 13×9. I would also use a 1/2 cup of butterscotch chips plus another tablespoon or so if I was making the original sized batch (so I guess a heaping 1/2 cup). There was some excessive butter, and like I said, the recipe was a bit thin. I just used a spoon which was a nice perk not having to dirty stuff for my mixer.

Gonna make dessert for the freshmen and probs a new dish on Saturday cuz there is some awesome football, but I’m gonna try and monitor what I’m eating this week cuz the ‘rents are coming next week, and I want to enjoy Chuy’s happy hour and fuego queso. Adieu!!


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