Cake and My Fun Time with Cinnamon Rolls!

Two recipes last week, “Are You Kidding Cake,” here, and cinnamon rolls, here.

For the cake, which I made for bstud, I used strawberry cake and strawberry pie filling with store bought cream cheese frosting on top. I am not a big cake person, so it was fine, a little dense for me, but everyone else really liked it. I think I would make my own cream cheese frosting that I used for the cinnamon rolls!! THAT FROSTING WAS SO GOOD AND WOULD MAKE EVEN RICE CAKES TASTE GOOD

For the cinnamon rolls, I followed the recipe for the rolls. I had a blast making these things, it was cool seeing the dough rise and playing with the dough and all of that. I need a silpat though because I had a super hard time rolling the dough because I guess I didn’t use enough flour on the counter top or something. The video I watched about how to knead dough scared me saying that too much flour will mess up the content of the dough itself. IDK, it was so fun though. I also did the overnight version. For the frosting, I used 4 oz of cream cheese, 6 tbsp of butter, 2 2/3 cup of powdered sugar, and 2/3 tablespoon (I estimated this one) of vanilla.THIS WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING OH MY GOSH. I baked the rolls for 22 minutes and they were super squished in the pan. They were actually a little crispy, so I would cook for shorter next time. I had a really hard time rolling them due to my floured surface so yeaaa, I’m not a very neat person with crafty stuff and it tends to show in my baking. But hey, if it tastes good, that’s all the matters right? Anyway, the rolls were good, Brady ate at least 3 (think it was more like 4) and Jeff had at least 2 so I’d say they were successful. I had 4 left so I gave them to Ruben and he also enjoyed them. I’d say these were good, but pretty bready. Jeff, the most honest person when it comes to my baking (and I appreciate it so much) said they were good, but maybe not worth the amount of time they took. On one hand, there are no rise recipes out there so I may have to try those, but on the other hand, bread takes a long time to make so I guess it depends on you! It was a fun way to spend my night once I got home from work though! I’ll be trying something this week, don’t know what yet, but my parents are coming so I want to make something fun. I have a list of stuff to try next week!!! CAN’T WAIT

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