FOUR (!!!) New Recipes

The Rebekah recipe fairy is out in abundance today! I have made 4, count it, FOUR new recipes in the last 4 days!

Brown sugar cookies, recipe here. These were phenomenal!! Like the best cookie I’ve had in a while. My obsession with brown sugar may or may not have something to do with this… Anyway, I found the dough a little bit dry so you kind of have to work hard to to get it to come together. I didn’t use 1/4 cup of dough per cookie, more like 2 tbps. I made about 24 cookies, and cooked them for 10 minutes which was perfect. These are good warm, cool, or anywhere in between. And I like that I didn’t end up with five million cookies that were just staring at me begging to eat them.

Sunday, we made chicken fettuccine casserole for Sunday Night Supper, recipe here. For the first two, the pasta was a little sticky because apparently, I didn’t give the boys good enough directions about how to cook pasta. ummmm okayyy. Anyway, we used chicken breasts and cut them into small pieces and then just split all the chicken between the casseroles, probs about a cup or so of cooked chicken per casserole. We also used more like 1/2 cup of cheese per casserole and put the broiler on to brown it a bit. This was a good recipe.

Yesterday, I was soooo busy, but I managed to make One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta, recipe here from my fave place. I was home for literally 45 minutes and managed to make and eat this, that’s how mindless this thing is. I mean, I was doing my makeup and getting pretty to wear biz casssh for work and I was able to make this. I halfed the recipe. It says the full feeds four, that’s false. I also didn’t use any salt or pepper, and kind of roughly estimated my parmesan cheese, I just sprinkled it generously over the top before mixing it all together. Overall, this was great, very creamy, but still felt light (which was good because I then carried a camera around IN HEELS for the next 3 hours). This is going on the DEF make again list.

Today, I got home after 8, but decided to make ground beef pasta bake, recipe here! This was stupid easy. I also halfed this and saved the other half for dinner on Thursday because tomorrow, I am having waffles with the freshmen! Anyway, I used two cans of tomato sauce, the 8 oz variety. Once I put that in the pan with the beef, I sprinkled a generous amount of garlic salt and let it simmer while the pasta finished cooking. After I drained the pasta, I added it to the beef mix and stirred in there, varying from the directions again. I then added it to the pan and added generous amount of mozarella and cheddar cheese. Baked it for 16 minutes, broiled it for another 2, and this crap was amazing. May have had something to do with the fact that I hadn’t eaten in about 8 hours, but it was delish. Served it with some steamed green beans, and you got a happy Rebekah. The only way to make me happier was a bowl of intense choco ice cream. Good stuff.

Will be making new stuff Saturday – maragaritas and queso (and maybe cookies?) this weekend – gotta spoil my boyz. Until then 🙂

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