A Bleh and a Meh Recipe

Two recipes in the last few weeks: here and here.

The first didn’t turn out so well. The top layer, the gooey biscoff layer was amazing and would be very good by itself. The second layer, the cakey layer was weird. The freshmen best described it as flaky and weirdly textured. I agree. It wasn’t coming together right, and was super crumbly. Maybe if you add some water when mixing, it would work together, but it was dry, and relatively flavorless. I won’t make this again

Second recipe was good, not great. The cheesy chili dip, which I ate with tortilla chips and a frozen, homemade margarita (perfect and amazing recipe that I’ll maybe post when I’m not tired), was warm and good, but pretty similar to chili, just with some extra calories. Doubt I’ll make it again, simply because it wasn’t that different from chili.

Also, just want to give a shoutout to my amazing boys. I am so blessed to have these two in my life, and even though I know they aren’t reading it, I hope that if they do stumble across this someday when they are scouring for recipes, they see how much they mean to me. YAY FOR INCREDIBLE, GODLY, AMAZING, and PERFECTLY SWEET FRIENDS ❤

Making a chocolate chip pizza tomorrow for bstud, better be delish

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