Forgotten things

Sorry, forgot about these other two recipes, it’s been too long since I posted that I’ve forgotten some stuff!
Okay, first I made these Pumpkin Cheesecake Bar things. I thought these were full on disgusting and I actually threw the pan away. The cream cheese isn’t mixed with anything and the texture was weird. IDK, maybe if you like pumpkin you’ll like it, but I’m not a big pumpkin fan in the first place.

I was going to take those to a Thanksgiving party, but they were gross so I scrambled and made these cookies! These were really good, but don’t overbake them. I used a tablespoon of dough (that’s my go to) and as always, I mounded the dough. It makes the cookies fluffy and thick (to do this, take the tablespoon of dough (I literally use my tablespoon measuring spoon) and then make it kind of like a ball, but taller than it is wide. I always make the bottom flat to it can stand up. I really need to start taking pictures to explain what I’m talking about). I would cook them for closer to 9 minutes if you’re only using a tablespoon. These cookies were really good, and my friend Ryan got to take them all home because he really enjoyed them. Just another reason why guy friends are great! 🙂

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