So MANY NEW Recipes

Sorry I’m a super busy horrible person and haven’t posted in, like years. So many new things I’ve made!

Let’s start with choco chip pizza, recipe here. 3 syllables – UH-MAY-ZINGG. I didn’t have a 15×10 pan, so I used a 9×13. I would recommend spreading the cake mixture all the way to the edges and using probably about half of the sugar and brown sugar mixture. It wasn’t crystalizing, and I was scared the bottom was getting burnt because it had been in the oven for a longgg time. Other than that, this may have been the best recipe I’ve discovered in awhile. All got finished with no complaints or begging.

Made these garlic and parmesan noodles for dinner one night, pretty solid. I halfed it, used lignuinne pasta, and didn’t add the shredded cheese because of the useless added calories. Sure it’s good with it, just didn’t need it for me.

Made sloppy joe casserole for Sunday Night Supper based off of this recipe. However, for the sloppy joes, I used my friend Ellie’s recipe! To make the sloppy joe part, we used 1 lb of ground meat, 1 chopped onion, 1/2 cup-ish of ketchup, 1 tablespoon of mustard, and 1 can of chicken gumbo soup (Campbell’s makes this!). You brown the meat and add everything else in. Throw this on top of the layer of crescent rolls, throw some cheese on top, throw on another can of crescent rolls and you have one mighty fine and comforting meal, especially on a cold night. This was amazing!! And surprisingly filling. I don’t want to think about horrible for me it was. It browned and was done in about 28 minutes, I would just watch it when the time hits about 25 and pay close attention to it. You don’t want doughy on the bottom, but don’t want burnt on top.

Made these little beauties for the fishies, this stuff was amazing. SUPER SUGARY AND UNHEALTHY, but, as a wise man once said, YOLO. So I had a hard time melting the white chocolate chips, I just used a 12 oz package. Because of this, I had to add some oil and the stuff still wasn’t giving me the consistency I wanted, but when it got a little less solid, I added the can of sweetened condensed milk and it formed really nicely with the semi-melted chocolate chips. PRO-TIP: use either a double broiler, almond bark, or microwave the chips at like 50% power for short amounts of time: you do not want to burn the chips, which is really easy to do. Remember, you can always add more time! I broke the oreos up with my foolproof method: put them all in a plastic bag and use the flat side of an ice cream scoop to smash ’em up, it works great. These looked disgusting when I poured it into my 9×7 pan, so I added some sprinkles on top, but it firms up and looks really nice and pretty. And it tastes even better sooo #winning

Made these amazing meatballs, got two meals out of them. However, I didn’t use her meatball recipe, even though it looks amazing. I had some H-E-B frozen meatballs I got for free a few weeks ago, so I used those. I followed her directions for everything else, and got two solid meals out of this. It was cold the week I made these, and they just warmed you up all the way to your toes. #blessed

Made my old favorite last week, too – spaghetti carbonara. This recipe is TO DIE FOR and so easy. MAKE IT FOR DINNER THIS WEEK (or else)

Okay, this past couple days, made three different things: red and white pasta, chocolate peppermint cookies, and breakfast casserole.  

The red and white pasta was super good, and super filling. I halfed it, but ended up using 24 oz of red pasta sauce and 12 or so of the white. I didn’t want the pasta to dry out and burn, so I aired on the side of caution. The pasta came out super super saucy and gooey and cheesy and was quite satisfying. The combo of the red and white gives you a super unique, yet delicious taste.

For the cookies, I couldn’t find the peppermint chips, so I used a package of the andes mint candies (actually probably could’ve crushed up some candy canes or used these candy-cane chip thingies I found today). These cookies were great and this dough was so fudgy and good, I think I could’ve eaten the whole bowl. These made about 5 dozen cookies and I had no problem getting rid of these. Matt alone probably ate a dozen of them and took another dozen home with him. These things were good. Watch them in the oven, they crack and crinkle, do NOT over bake. They’re even good a little gooey because the dough is so good and fudgy. If you don’t like chocolate (because you’re crazy), you wouldn’t like these, but for all the other normal people out there, these things are straight outta heaven.

Finally, the casserole is what I made for Thanksgiving breakfast. I used maple sausage from H-E-B and it was divine. I would use only 1 cup of cheese and bake it for probably 3 less minutes. Other than that, no complaints, and very very simple recipe that you can whip up in pretty reasonable time. Very good the next day (especially if you reheat in the oven at 200 degrees. I recommend reheating all of your foods like this, tastes much better than the microwave).

I’m going to be baking a lot over the next week – at the store today, the checker was like, “so you’re gonna be baking?” and I was like, well what gave it away? The almond bark? Three different types of chocolate chips? Bag of crushed candy cane pieces? Marshmallow puff (that I actually got for free)? Baker’s chocolate? Yea, I’m gonna be baking and it’s gonna be glorious. For the first time in probably the entire semester, I have a CHILL week, but a ton of stuff to go to, but it’s fun stuff. I will be baking for all of these things, including an attempt at my grandma’s famous pixies. I’ll be sure to post how it goes. I have a ton of recipes I want to try that are Christmas related so my friends better bring their appetites. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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